Eight Signs Your First Date Is Going Really Well

Will there be a second date? This is something a lot of the online dating tips you come across will try to answer for you. One of the nice things about these tips is that they are pretty flexible, in terms of helping you to have the best first date possible. Good tips can not only work in an exchange of messages with someone on a top 10 best dating sites example like Zoosk. These tips can more often than not work in person, as well.

If you want to know without question that your first date is going really well, there are a number of things you can look for.

When There Will Definitely Be A Second Date

At what point should you definitely start to make plans for a second date? There are several indicators within yourself that you should be aware of, in addition to a few more that you should look for in your partner:


  1. They are incredibly thoughtful: This is one of the online dating tips we were talking about, and it can apply to any of the top 10 best dating sites, including Match.com. A good example in an online sense would be if they asked you about your day, before ever getting into a thing about themselves. In a person-to-person situation, they might offer you a sweater.
  2. They pay you compliments: Are you paying this person compliments? Are they doing the same?
  3. Neither one of you can stop smiling: Obviously, this is a tip that works better with a person-to-person first date, but you can look for this online, as well. If you know them well enough, you know when they’re smiling. You should be smiling a lot, too.
  4. They have an open mind: An open mind makes a second date immensely appealing.
  5. They are positive: This is one of our biggest online dating tips to look out for. If they are happy, a natural, positive demeanor will radiate from them.
  6. You have some shared interests: Use an online dating site like Zoosk.com to find people who are going to share interests. Natural attraction will build in no time.
  7. They remember things: When you tell them something, and they remember, that’s a good sign.
  8. They ask cool questions: They ask you things you really want to talk about.


Zoosk.com is a great way to realize #4, as you learn more about them in a safe online environment.